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Argus ONE GIS User Interface are available for the following models:

SUTRA - Free model and GUI Saturated and (or) unsaturated, constant or variable-density fluid flow, and solute or energy transport (2D, 2D-3D finite element codes). Models and GUIs by the USGS.

    • Areal
    • Vertical Cross Section

    • 2D (Areal & Cross Section)
    • 3D
Ground Water Modeling

Argus ONE GIS supports the largest number of ground water models in the market. Professional hydrologists who use their own models find it easy to develop their own GIS based User Interfaces (GUIs) for their models using Argus ONE.

The USGS develops and disseminates Argus ONE GUIs for its most commonly used groundwater models. These GUIs are free of charge to usrs of Argus ONE GIS.

Many other ground water model developers have also created Argus ONE GUIs for their models, some of which are freely distributed with the models and some are commercially available (see across).

The variety of groundwater models which are available to Argus ONE users makes Argus ONE the ideal GIS based modelling environment for groundwater professionals by allowing them to solve almost any type of problem under the same graphical user interface.

Moreover, Argus ONE is the only open GIS modelling environment which allows professionals to customize it for their specific needs and to synthesize information in unlimited ways based on any conceptual model.

MODFLOW - Free model & GUI Modular three-dimensional finite-difference ground-water flow model with solute transport and parameter estimation capabilities. - Models and GUIs by the USGS.

HST3D - Free model and GUI
is a finite-difference, modelling program for the simulation of fluid, single-species solute and heat transport in three dimensions under saturated conditions. HST3D allows you to include solute adsorbtion and decay in your model. Model by the USGS, GUI by Richard Winston.

NAPL - Free model and GUI Simulates the contamination of soils and aquifers which results from the release of organic liquids commonly referred to as Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (NAPL). Model by Joe Guarnaccia, GUI by J. Olivares

SmartGEO PIE for Argus One is a plugin developed for the characterization of heterogeneous hydraulic parameter fields for groundwater applications.

PTC - Free GUI to PTC users
the Princeton Transport Code is an avanced 3D, finite-element/difference simulation program for groundwater flow and solute transport. Model by George Pinder, GUI by Jose Olivares.

CFEST - Coupled Fluid Energy and Solute Transport is a three-dimensional finite element model. CFEST simulates flow and transport as coupled or decoupled processes.Model and GUI by CFEST Co.

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