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Argus ONE Latest Revision


Click here to read and download a new export template which exports the external boundary nodes first and the internal later Aug. 25 2010
Click here to download the New version (3.0.4) of the Shapefile IO PIE Aug. 15 2010
Ckick here to read and download a new export template that exports the boundary nodes of a mesh July. 15 2010
Surface Water Model RiverFLO-2D now has an Argus ONE GUI Sept. 15 2009
A new installer now enables Argus ONE on 64 bit versions of Windows and also includes a new version of the Spreadsheet PIE Dec. 19 2007
A newer version (1.2) of the Spreadsheet PIE fixes problems with importing of text parametres that contain spaces Nov. 20 2007
Hydrogeologist Kiyoshi Yamada Releases a Web_Tutorial of Argus ONE Step by Step in Japanese and in English
June 2005
USGS releases New 3D version of SUTRA-GUI Version 2 supporting both SUTRA 3D and SUTRA 2D
Oct. 10 2003
groundwater modeling Using GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION SYSTEMS by George F. Pinder
the book includes an Argus ONE Student version license on a CD with many model GUIs
July, 2002
USGS releases Utility PIEs - Programs for Simplifying the Analysis of Geographic Information in
U.S. Geological Survey Ground-Water Models for use within Argus Open Numerical Environments (Argus ONE)
Nov. 16, 2001
Dr. Richard Winston makes HST3D-GUI available as freeware, click to download
May 08, 01
USGS released a New MODFLOW GUI PIE Ver.4, supporting MODFLOW 2000
Aug. 21, 00
USGS released an Upgrade for MODFLOW GUI PIE Ver.3.1.1 for Argus ONE
Dec. 30, 99
New MODFLOW GUI PIE (Ver.3.1) for Argus ONE Released by the USGS
Nov. 11, 99
New Argus ONE Student Version for less than $100.00
Oct. 18, 99
New MODFLOW GUI PIE (Ver.3) for Argus ONE Released by the USGS
May. 05, 99
Download the new SUTRA PIE export template eliminating error messages
Apr. 18, 99
New PTC PIE and documentation
Apr. 18, 99
Download the latest version of the SuperBlock PIE
Apr. 18, 99
Download the latest version of the Spreadsheet PIE - Fix import into Info Layers
Apr. 18, 99
New Shapefile IO PIE - Export your Argus ONE project to Shapefiles
Mar. 3, 99
New - Much Faster - revision of MODFLOW/MT3D GUI PIE
Oct. 2, 98
August 1998
New Graphical User Interface (GUI) for NAPL
May 19, 98
New NAPL Simulator
May 19, 98
LandUse Analyst - A new Application PIE for Environmental Development
May 16, 98
New version of Modflow/MT3D PIE
Mar 28, 98
Delphi (Pascal) PIE Development Kit (PDK) now available.
Mar 02, 98
New Interpolation PIE for Information layers and contours
Mar 02, 98
New GUI for MT3D fully integrated with the USGS MODFLOW GUI PIE
Feb 15, 98
New MODFLOW post-processing PIE required for Argus ONE 4.1.0i or later
Feb 14, 98
USGS Released SUTRA-GUI PIE - Graphical User Interface for SUTRA
Jan. 05, 98
New featurs in update 4.0.1f - Print Area
Dec. 10, 1997
Modflow Tutorial available on and off-line
Nov. 24, 1997
Stationery and Generic PIEs - A quick way to automate GUI development
Nov. 11, 1997
Upgrade to Argus ONE version 4
Nov. 4, 1997
News Letter #1 Apr. 27, 1997
Download Modflow GUI PIE from USGS Site
Feb. 28, 1997
Free PIE for Importing Arc/Info, ArcView Shape files
Jan. 15, 1997 
Free Upgrade to Version 3
Oct. 15, 1996
About the PlE technology
May 15, 1996
Version 2.5 Press Release
Oct. 1, 1995

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