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Argus ONE Support Center
On-Line Help: Get help from anywhere you are within Argus ONE
  The online help is intended to allow you to quickly access information regarding elements of the Argus ONE workplace. It is organized according to the worplace' main components.

You can access this on-line help system from:

  • Help buttons in many of the Argus ONE dialogs
  • The Help menu
  • Help buttons and menus in the various PIEs

The on-line help system is continuously updated and you are welcome to send your suggestions on how to make it more useful.

Argus ONE User's Guide Answers to most of your questions can be found in the User's Guide
The Argus ONE User's Guide contains some 500 pages of detailed information about the use of Argus ONE, input and output formats, functions, expressions, export templates, etc.

The User's Guide is also available in electronic format either from this site or from the CD which ships with Argus ONE. The advantage of using the electronic version of the User's Guide is that it contains a fast index and search functions which will help you find what you are looking for in seconds. To download a copy of the electronic version of the User's Guide click here.

Contact us Ask Argus
Visit the Argus ONE web site for latest information:

Contact us by email:

Call or Fax (24 hours a day):

  • +972-9-957-5752
  • Fax:   972-9-954-9785
Report a Problem Send us questions directly from within Argus ONE
  1. From the Help menu select the Report a Problem menu item
  2. Your preferred internet browser will open and present you with a form
  3. Fill the form and click the Send button to email us your question
  4. You may even attach files to your message for us to check for you

The more information you fill in the form, the easier it will be for us to help you.

Find your license's details Looking for your Registration Code or which Argus ONE modules you have?
If you need to find information on your Argus ONE license such as your registration or activation codes, which Argus ONE modules or PIEs you have, or to find your Argus ONE version:
  1. From the Help Menu select the About Argus ONE menu item:
    The dialog present you with the Argus ONE modules you have, the version you are using, and the PIEs which are currently installed.
  2. Click the Registration Info button to find out your registration and activation codes.
Check for updates Are you using the latest Argus ONE version?, are there any new PIEs available?
To find out if you have all the latest tools, version and PIEs visit our web site.
  • From the Help menu select the Visit Argus' Web Site menu item
    Selecting this menu item points your browser to the Argus web site.
    If the Argus ONE version you're usinng is not the latest one, your browser will be automatically pointed to the Updates page from where you can download the latest updater.
  • On the home page click the News or the SiteMap buttons to find out information about new available products, free downloads, etc.
Technical Support Library Visit our technical support library to find answers to specific technical questions
Click here to visit the technical support library. This library will be updated frequently to reflect frequently asked questions and issues that may be of interest to you too.

To find out more about Argus and its products email or call:
Tech. support:
snail mail: Argus Holdings, POB 6254, Herzelia, 46160, Israel
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