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Partner Developers
Almost every Argus ONE user is a developer
Developing an application with Argus ONE is something almost every Argus ONE user is doing. Whether it is writing an expression to calculate a volume between two surfaces, developing a multi-layer applications, writing an export template or developing an Argus ONE PIE. Since so many Argus ONE users are actually partner developers, we will list here only those partner developers that offer their products to the public. To find out about other application developed by users for their own use please visit our applications page.

Partner developers offering their products

United States Geological Survey Developing GIS interfaces for groundwater models using Argus ONE. The products are in the public domain and available from the USGS web site at



Other utility PIEs are available as part of the above two products

Subterranean Research, Inc.
Subterranean Research, Inc. has teamed with Argus Holdings, Ltd. to provide geostatistical tools for Argus ONE. SRI has developed Plug-In Extensions (PIEs) for Argus ONE that allow interpolation of observations using nearest neighbor, artificial neural network, and inverse distance squared interpolators.

The SRI PIEs are distributed with Argus ONE.

DHV MED Ltd. DHV-MED Ltd. Develops and markets the LandUse Analyst PIE. LandUse Analyst is a multi-category land use evaluation system integrated within the Argus ONE GIS environment.To find out more about LandUse Analyst and to order it click here.

Dr. Richard Winston Dr. Winston developed a GIS interface for the USGS HST3D groundwater model using Argus ONE. The HST3D GUI PIE is available for purchase from our web site or from Dr. Winston's web site. An evaluation version is available from:

University of Vermont
Using Argus ONE, Dr. George Pinder with the university of Vermont and a principal of the Research Center for Groundwater Remediation Design (RCGRD) has developed a GIS interface for the Princeton Transport Code (PTC) and for some optimization model packages for MODFLOW.

The PTC GUI PIE is available to users of the PTC groundwater and transport model.

Dr. Joseph Guarnaccia Using Argus ONE, Dr. Guarnaccia, together with Jose Oliveares developed a GIS interface for a Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (NAPL) simulator. The NAPL GUI PIE developed with the support of EPA is available from the UVM web site. To find out more details about it please visit:

CFEST Co. CFEST Co. develops and distributes GIS interfaces for its groundwater modelling codes and tailors solutions for its clients using Argus ONE. To find out more about CFEST please visit their web site at

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