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The Argus ONE academic program is designed to support research and education. Purchasing Argus ONE liensesat the program terms and prices is available only when purchased directly from Argus Holdings Ltd.

It consists of 3 components:

  1. Academic discount
  2. Free Classroom licenses
  3. Argus ONE Student Version

25% Academic discount applies from the first copy
Since Argus was founded we have closely worked with academia and we continue to support academic institutions in any way we can. In order to facilitate the use of Argus ONE by professors and students in both research and teaching, we offer a generous discount for academic use. For copies of Argus ONE that are used in research projects, we offer a 25% discount off the Argus ONE list price, starting with the first license.

Free classroom licenses
Being an open and generic software Argus ONE is especially suitable for use in classroom as it allows both faculty and students to use it with any GIS and numerical model they use for research and teaching. If you already have two Argus ONE licenses and want to use Argus ONE in your course work, (click here to see how others do) we will provide, FREE OF CHARGE, as many extra licenses as you need in order to install Argus ONE in your student computer labs (has to be a networked lab). There is a nominal charge for the to cover the cost of the network key and it depends on the maximum number of users the key is manufactured for.

If you still do not have two stand-alone licenses (one for yourself and one for a TA) you may order them at the research rate (25% discount).

Discounted Argus ONE Student version licenses
As the owner of a classroom license you may also purchase Argus ONE Student version licenses at a quantity discount price for your new students each semester. You may order directly or through the university bookstore. (please note that the Student version license is not for use in the classroom). To order simply call us stating your name and your Argus ONE classroom registration code. Do not worry, if you forgot it or can not locate it we have it on our data base system.

Permission to electronically publish Argus ONE documentation and to print it for you students
As the owner of a classroom license you are entitled to download the Argus ONE user's guide and tutorials from our on-line documents center on our web site and make them available to your students over your computer network, thereby eliminating costs, saving the trees and avoiding copyright matters. If the students want a hard copy, they can print it out at their expense.

In order to qualify for the academic discount, please fill out the Educational Use Agreement sign it and send the form to Argus.




(Please type or print)


_____________________________ (Name of Institution) hereby affirms that

Argus ONE will be used solely for educational purposes, as detailed below:


I. For classroom instruction: (fill this section only if you are ordering a classroom)

II. For use in academic research: (please always fill this section)



Please review the following statements and check the boxes to verify that you will comply: 

On behalf of ___________________________________ (Name of Institution), I

hereby certify that the above information is complete and accurate. I also

understand that should Argus ONE be used for purpose other than the

educational use expressly described above, we will be in violation of our

Software License Agreement with Argus Holdings, Ltd. Any such violation

will be deemed a forfeiture of any special educational discount offer, and

will result in our institution being charged the full purchase price of the


( _) I certify that the institution named above has students and instructors, issues grades, and charges tuition.

( _) I understand that the software license (purchased with an educational discount) belongs to the educational institution and
should not be knowingly transferred to individuals leaving or no longer affiliated with the institution.


Signed: ________________________________________ Date: ___________________


Type or Print Name: ______________________________________________________


Title: ___________________________________________________________________


Institution: _____________________________________________________________


Address: _________________________________________________________________




Phone: _________________________________ Fax: ____________________________


Email: _________________________________

To find out more about Argus and its products email or call:
Tech. support:
snail mail: Argus Holdings, POB 6254, Herzelia, 46160, Israel
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