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Argus ONE Student Version

For only $125.00 get all the GIS and numerical modelling tools to you will ever need through your school years.

Whether you are studying for an undergraduate or graduate program, Argus ONE, the first and still only DYNAMIC GIS, will enable you to do what no other GIS or modelling package will.

Use it in information technology, environmental sciences, civil engineering, general numerical modelling, and hydrology. Argus ONE will become your decision support system, planing and modelling environment, in short your Geographic Information Spreadsheet (that is what GIS should stand for)

Special GroundWater Modelling Edition
If you are studying groundwater modeling, the CD already contains installers for the most widely used groundwater modelling codes with industry-standard Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) developed by the US Geological Survey and others. In ten minutes you can be using all the codes and interfaces you will ever need.

Teaching in a computer classroom?

If you have an Argus ONE classroom license you can order Argus ONE student version licenses for your students each semester for as little as $60.00 a copy. Click here to find out how.

If you do not already have an Argus ONE classroom, please visit our academic program page to see how you can get one for free.

The Student version is only for students and can not be used in a classroom or for funded research.

What they say about Argus ONE in Education

    Argus ONE is a versatile and powerful tool which is useful to the beginning modeling student all the way through to the most experienced modelers.

    Argus ONE has allowed me to teach twice as much material in a one-semester course as was previously possible.

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